Awesome Features

We provide exceptional service and customer support with a broad technology portfolio to deliver all the server power.

Solid Encryption

256-bit encryption keeps all your info hidden from prying eyes. Account, logs, data and other information is safely secured.

Stay Anonymous

Stay connected to networks 24/7/365 and Surf anonymously while keeping your real Location and IP hidden.

Live Support

If you encounter an issue, you are more than welcome to contact us for support using our Live Chat.

Limitless Usage

No bandwidth or traffic limit. Unlimited number of simultaneous connections. Channel logs are limited per channel.

Instant Activation

We don't like waiting, neither should you. This is exactly why all BNC's are almost instantly setup right after you submit the request.

Free Service

It's absolutely free of cost and provides premium features with no price asked. We run on donations and community help.

Android App

We have developed & released an Android App to match your preference and to ease your use on a hand-held device.

User Interface

An eye-opening experience some says, We provide the best and advanced User Interface.

Custom Modules

All comes equipped with pre-loaded modules and a variety of other loadable modules.

Ident Protocol

The Identification Protocol provides the means to determine the identity of a user of a particular connection.


Optimized for all types of devices and works with almost all versions of Android.


Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to some basic general service related question or other technical informations.

What is a BNC?

A BNC is a piece of software that is used to relay traffic and connections, much like a proxy. Using a BNC allows a user to hide the original source of the user's connection, providing privacy as well as the ability to route traffic through a specific location.

How to connect to a specific network?

Add a network through the Web-Panel. After adding the network, open your favorite IRC client, then simply execute this command to connect "/server 6667 username/network:password"

How to be a sponsor?

You can sponsor us by donating credits, servers or other resources. Our Bitcoin address: 3EbhbA7KuRBbFpFeZrNeNxY59WzYbFeQ8t - Also to sponsor, mail us at

How to set an IPv6

To set an IPv6/vHost/rDNS for your BNC, Use the '!vhost' command in our channel to request an IPv6/vHost/rDNS or private message Skyie//Admins to get it set.

How many networks can I add?

You can add upto 4 Networks including Freenode which is already set when your BNC is given to you. Please check !networks and !banned list before adding/connecting to a network.

Is our service free?

Have no-doubt, our services are absolutely Free and Premium. All our staff are volunteers and all servers are either sponsored or runs from donations from loyal users.

Fun Facts

Check out our current service and server status, and maybe a few intresting data facts that might amuse you.

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1 Hours Uptime


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